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Confidosoft is an IT Services & Digital Engineering Company headquartered in Surrey UK.

Confidosoft helps companies stay ahead of the times with enhanced IT services and Digital Engineering solutions, helping them reimagine their current processes and restructure it along with an exceptional transformational experience. With a Decade of experience, we have continued to deliver effective Technology & digital solutions and are committed to securing exceptional talent to assist, lead and direct the most successful organizations, large or small, across the Globe. Our renowned reputation for commitment drives every decision we make. We provide complete suite of digital talent solutions to our clients and help them in identifying the right talent and nurturing them to deliver a highly competent workforce of market-ready professionals. Our global network of passionate technologists and leadership helps us serve you locally. Confidosoft provides the cutting-edge tools, training and consulting services that make businesses work better, smarter, and faster.


At Confidosoft, we take pride in representing our strong company culture. We have experienced technical professionals who have expertise in latest software technologies.


Your business is safe and secure with our expert technicians. We provide our high level IT services with absolute confidence, protecting your important data and your business.


We provide the various services at affordable prices. Our services include custom software development for various platforms like web, mobile and desktop.


Get Set Go. Period! The mindset of a champion. Our ambition is what drives us to achieve our mission. How we define a champion mindset isn’t based on how we perform on our best days, it’s how we respond on the worst days. We hustle, embrace the grind, overcome adversity, and play to win for the clients we serve. Because it matters.

People First - You grow. We grow. Confidosoft puts People First, always. With a trust on personal and professional development Confidosoft provides a mutual atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility and loyalty that helps foster great ideas and innovation.

Customer Obsessed - We build long lasting relationships with our customers and serve them equally. We work on common goals and trust, by being truly interested in the person and adding value pro-actively and consistently. We always start with what is best for the customer.

Quality with Responsiveness - At Confidosoft Quality with responsiveness is the Mantra. Be it work, be it personal interactions, be it the surroundings or be it the self, at Confidosoft 100% efficiency and quality is the norm. Because enough is just not enough.


Confidosoft aims to attain perfection at every sector of Technology across the Globe. We want to enable all our clients and partners to achieve more with sensible digital transformation. To be a healthy Culture-Centric company with equal value for all. With our Moto of Sky is the Limit, we aspire to become the next Leader in IT Services and Digital Engineering.


We are expert in porting legacy systems to latest platforms, like migrate C#/MVC based solutions to latest Microsoft platform or upgrade desktop application to web/mobile based applications in such a way that it results in reduced costs and increased productivity ultimately.

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